Dr. Riina Bray MD, Environmental Health Consultant


This clinic was established to help those who suffer from chronic complex conditions related to environmental exposures and cannot travel into large cities to get medical help. This clinic gladly accommodates those who have had problems arriving at a diagnosis resulting from environmental exposures. We aim to prevent further illness, promote health and wellness, and improve coping skills.


In addition to environmental consults, (individual, corporate, and legal) we also offer stress reduction counselling for chronic conditions covered under OHIP.


Patients that are out-of-province are welcome to set up a telephone consult for a time dependent fee.


Accepted methods of payment include cash and checks, currently we do not accept credit cards.


Please note that there are administration fees.


Cancellation Policy: To avoid a $100 fee, notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule.